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Welcome to TeaSwap - A real useful project for DEFI Farmers.


About TeaSwap

TeaSwap Finance is the first project combining DEFI (Decentralized Finance) and Gamified Farming (through TeaParties) in order to fund associations through their cryptocurrency funding programs and donations.
TeaSwap ecosystem
Moreover, TeaSwap will offer a complete software application for investors to live visualize their invest, benefits and dons – All TeaSwap investors (TeaSwapers) will be able to make direct donations and express their desire to distribute TeaSwap’s farming collection to associations through their account user interface.
TeaSwap is animated by a governance token MINTv2, a digital ERC-20 asset which offers to Holders many possibilities to participate to the TeaSwap development life project (submit proposals, vote, and earn famous coin thought TeaParties) in the line of DAO.
SUGAR Token is both a reward token for the first yield farming phase but combined with MINTv2 it will be an multiplicator of rewards in TeaParties. Our goal is to put in place a redistribution method with participatory action towards "associative funding based on the blockchain”. TeaSwap has style…
We chose to build our project around the theme «Tea», which was chosen specifically. When people think Tea they automatically think of something relaxing and soothing. Tea is the symbol of a way of life which leads to calmness, so important when making the right decisions in pivotal moments in life.
« Tea is one of the main stays of civilization in this country » Georges Orwell
NB : We still own the Charity Wallet for direct donations (BEP20): 0x1467233BB66D2492Eaf705549592Bcc13bCF30cB Thanks to our donators 😍
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