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TeaParties are the main feature of TeaSwap. They unlock the full potential of both MINT and SUGAR token. What is a Tea Party ? A Tea Party is a special event of TeaSwap. To get access to it, you have to be a MINT holder, as MINT is the key to access all financial elements of the TeaSwap ecosystem. A Tea Party is limited in time and will happen from time to time, closer and closer as TeaSwap global environment gets bigger. This event will allow the MINT holders to vote for specific famous cryptos they want to earn as rewards for staking their MINT: BTC, ETH, LINK, BNB, DOT, ADA, AUTO, BIFI,...
TeaParties Concept
How many MINT should I own to get the access to Tea Parties ? The number of MINT required will be calculated regarding a dynamic evolution taking its price into account and will be dynamically displayed. What will be the use of SUGAR ? SUGAR holders who accessed the Tea Parties (thanks to their MINT), will be able to unlock the MULTIPLE REWARDS from Tea Parties.
What does that mean ? By staking their MINT and SUGAR, they will be able to choose their rewards between the voted cryptos, and in which percentage they want to earn it. Example: Cryptos voted by MINT holders were: BTC, ADA and BIFI. A MINT holder wants to earn ADA, he can stake its MINT in the ADA earning pool to start earning it. A SUGAR holder (and MINT holder to access the Tea Party) wants to earn BTC, ADA and BIFI, with a strong preference for BTC.
There he can choose, for example to earn 50% BTC, 30% ADA and 20% BIFI from the initial yield.
The number of simultaneous possibilities will grow with the TeaSwap ecosystem, having it becoming a key DeFi actor with this unique feature.
TeaParties will be launch during the summer 2021 after these features launched :
  • SportParty 1 (June, 2021)
  • Raffle for SUGAR (July, 2021)
  • Raffle for TEASPORT (July, 2021)
  • Vaults (July, 2021) compound farming 💞
Rules and levels
Specific rules of TeaParties participation will be given in this section. The levels will be set up regarding the prices of MINT and SUGAR before the 1st TeaParty launch.
More than any explanations, download and play our animated presentation 🎬 below and share it!
TeaParties explained!
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